Weehoo® Allwetter-Schutz

Weehoo® Allwetter-Schutz

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Der praktische Allwetter-Schutz

Kombination aus Sonnen- und Regenschutz - passend an alle Modelle ab 2015.

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The Weehoo® All Weather Shell has you covered rain or shine.  Once easily installed, the sun shade remains on the bike trailer all of the time, providing protection from the sun.  The rain cover gives you the opportunity to ride in all seasons, almost entirely enclosing the child.  Storing the rain cover is easy.  Just unzip, and fold the rain cover, then store it in either pannier.

There's a reason why, before heading out for a spin, you saddle up the Weehoo IGo Trailer; otherwise, you'd have to leave one of your most important riding companions home. Make sure that your child rides protected from the sun or rain with the Weehoo All Weather Canopy, which turns inclement or hot, sunny days into dry or shady ones.